Because I Can Group

Be strong physically and mentally

My program is unique, you won’t find another like it.

I am offering this program for a killer deal right now because of Corona.

For $20/month you get

Connection – next best thing to being in your favorite workout class. We can see each other, talk to each other, we connect, I pay attention to your form and give you a boost of encouragement if I see you need it

Challenging Strength and Conditioning workouts – 3 classes a week, T, TH and Sat

Stay in shape or get in even better shape!

Strengthen your Mind! At the end of the workout I take a few minutes and Coach a member of the group on what they are currently struggling with. I teach life skills

Private Support Group in between workouts, I continue to connect with you and offer encouragement and inspiration.

It’s like a gym for you body and your mind.

Don’t be emotionally lazy!