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Get my Self Love Sleep Meditation

Wind down and fall asleep by creating a loving space for your mind and body

In this sleep meditation Marci will help you ease into sleep by relaxing your body from head to toe. Ahhhh! She will then take you through 12 affirmations that will build love and acceptance for yourself while you sleep! 

Self Love comes when we dare to think differently, when we dare to let go of limiting beliefs that hold us back and rewrite our story.

We begin to see ourselves and our lives in a different light. This new light gives us the courage and confidence to step into who we want to be.

Wait a minute…who's behind this?

Hi there! I'm Marci Owen.

I’m a mom to three boys that are all grown up now, so I’m an empty nester. I’m a grandma, and I’ve been married to my husband for 38 years. I’m also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

There was a time earlier in my life when even though I was living the life that I dreamt of, I felt down and out of sorts. I had gone through some tough challenges raising my boys, I felt like my husband’s career was more important than me, I felt self-conscious about my body. From the outside I think it looked like I had it all together and that I was super happy. But I wasn’t. I wasn’t really sure about who I was and wondered if I was good enough. At times I really struggled with myself.

Life coaching changed everything for me!

It not only helped me feel better about myself and who I am, it also helped me gain trust and confidence in myself to where I then became an Advanced Certified Life Coach and started my own coaching business. Coaching has changed who I am so much that friends and neighbors that knew the “before” Marci, have said, “Wow, you’ve really reinvented yourself! I am happier and more at peace with my life.

 As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I also bring a spiritual perspective into my coaching.

I ask Heavenly Father to guide me and to help me as I coach my clients and as I run my business. But! Don’t take me for being soft because while I am known for being loving and having a knack for creating a safe environment, I will tell you the truth lovingly. I will tell you the truth, even if it might be hard for you to hear because I know that’s the only way for you to move forward and to progress in your life.

I promise you that coaching will change your life for the better. I am not saying that you are broken and need to be fixed. You are amazing just as you are! What I am saying is that coaching will take you where you are right now, build on it make your life a whole lot  better!

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