Becoming Whole and Finding Your Purpose Retreat

Coming again April 2022


You don’t want to miss This Luxurious Retreat. Space is limited. First come first serve.

  • Marci’s Retreats are rated 5 stars
  • Intimate group of striving women (limit of 6)
  • Instructors: Marci Owen & Sara Garska
  • Gorgeous Cabin approx. 20 minutes from Park City (above Oakley, Utah about 50 minutes away from SL International Airport. This cabin is on the top of a mountain on 80 private acres.)
  • Personal Chefs to cook healthy, delicious meals
  • Workshop Style and Solo Working Blocks to work on your You!
  • Spa Day, (oh yes) in Park City’s top rated Salon. After learning more about ourselves, we will treat ourselves! ($445 value)

Marci Owen Becoming Whole and Finding our Purpose | Dare to Dream 

Marci is an Advanced Certified Life Coach and a Coach for Jody Moore in her Be Bold program. She helps women love and accept themselves. In this workshop on the first day – we will take a deep dive into realizing who we really are, because when you connect yourself you act differently and treat yourself differently. On the last day – we will tie everything together as Marci teaches you how to “Dare to Dream” and you will learn 8 steps that will free you to dream and go after your dreams.

NOTE: the first and last day of the Retreat are travel days

Sara Garska Find Your Superpowers

Sara is a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach who works with women who want to lose weight and become self-confident. You already have superpowers that make you great. However, these superpowers are usually something that comes naturally to you, you don’t even realize that these qualities are unique, valuable, and in-demand. You might see yourself compared to others and think you don’t measure up in some way. Yet, there are qualities you have that NO one else has! This workshop will show you what those qualities are and will help you bring your ideal dreams to you.

Coming again April 2022




What participants have said about Marci’s retreats:

I am giving this retreat an 11 out of 10! It was amazing! You knocked it out of the park! I just loved the whole thing and everyone involved.

Loved it all so much, great great job and I’m so glad I went!! I left the retreat feeling empowered. I definitely stepped into trusting myself, my own ideas, and my own inner wisdom. I don’t have to believe the bs my lower brain has fed me for a long time.

I absolutely transformed my beliefs. I was surprised by the awareness I gained of my limiting beliefs. I thought I had already done the work to address them, but I was able to see them in a new light and address them in ways that I hadn’t done before. 

Coming in April, 2022