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I have been a stay at home mom for several years. When my husband and I started our family, we agreed that being home with the kids would be best for our children. Somewhere during those years being a busy mother and wife, I lost myself. I desperately tried to become the person I wanted to be but I was having a hard time achieving it. Marci helped me to really dig down deep. Analyzing how I wanted to live my life and actually doing it is not an easy task! Marci was the key ingredient I've been missing for years! I love being my true authentic self and thanks to Marci I have come to love the person that is ME!
Sonja L.
It is very powerful to see that the Model NEVER fails. This is a science. With Marci's help I have learned a NEW way of thinking and approaching life. I have had so many important A-ha moments. I have more JOY and PEACE. I understand the process of loving who I am, and I am defining who I want to be. As Marci uses the Model during coaching sessions it has been instrumental in guiding me through some of life's most challenging obstacles. It has helped me to HEAL. The coaching Marci has given has no doubt been heaven sent because it has helped me progress. I am a believer that if it is good, it comes from God. I am extremely grateful to call Marci a friend, and an incredible mentor/coach!
Maria S.
Marci has changed my life. I needed help with a current life issue, and she gently but firmly guided my thought processes so I could resolve the problem myself. The result was astounding, and I now apply the skills she taught me to tackle negative events in my life with a positive perspective. It wasn't easy, but with Marci by my side, I felt empowered to keep trying until the root cause was revealed. Marci is not afraid to show her vulnerability and strengths by sharing her own life's obstacles. You can trust Marci because she is compassionate, tenacious and caring. Her intuitive skills and her ability to ask the right questions will help you find clarity in your thoughts and actions. Her pragmatic approach to coaching will give you the strength and motivation to face challenges with confidence and the power to love yourself. Do not hesitate to call Marci - she is waiting to help you on a journey of self-discovery.
Tamra B.
I am a Mom of three teenage girls, a wife of 25 years and a full time Nurse Practitioner. Until I started working with Marci, I always focused on making life easier for other people. I was taught to be kind and helpful to others and as a result I have never known what is needed to make me happy or even content. Nothing was ever enough. Eventually I worked so hard and became so exhausted that I found it hard to do anything. I felt trapped in my life and did not enjoy anything. Marci has helped me change how I view the challenges in my life. I am less overwhelmed. I am discovering who I am and finding joy. My whole life I have resisted any type of negative emotion, Marci has taught me skills and perspective of how to allow them. Working with Marci you will learn how to be the conductor of your life train instead of a passenger.
Mary V.
The skills I learned as I worked with Marci I will carry with me throughout my life. I learned how to notice how my powerful my thoughts are in influencing the outcome for my life. Coaching with Marci helped me discover the power I have within myself to create the quality of life I want - to have the confidence in myself to overcome obstacles which have arisen in my life. Through coaching with Marci, I have learned compassion for myself - to truly evaluate how much control I have over my quality of life, and to listen to how I am speaking to myself. I learned to train my mind to be my greatest asset, rather than an enemy inspiring self doubt. I learned that I CAN control my thoughts, and I can become who I want to be. She inspired me to pay attention to the voice in my head telling me that I can do it, and I can start in this very moment.
Emily C.

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