Life Coaching Testimonials

I was someone who was super hesitant to start any form of counseling or life coaching. It was all scary to me until I was introduced to Marci. We scheduled our introductory meeting and she explained how she is a life coach, not a therapist and the differences between the two and I LOVED it. From the second we started, Marci made me feel so comfortable and created such a safe place. I’m almost finished with my first series and I can’t wait to keep going! I can’t believe the difference she has made in my life in just a short few months. I love that she focuses on the future and gives us tools to better ourselves, while working through what we need to. Investing in myself was the best decision I’ve ever made. Marci goes above and beyond for her clients and I truly feel her love. I’m so grateful for her and everything she has and will continue to teach me!


I have had the privilege of coaching with Marci for the past 18 months. She has changed my life in ways I will be forever grateful for. I found her at a time in my life I was completely broken and struggling to get by each day. She has coached me through some of my life’s biggest challenges thus far and has helped me to change the way I think and handle what life throws at me. There truly are no words for how valuable her coaching is and I’m so grateful I took that leap of faith. Marci is now family to me and I love her so dearly. if you’re thinking twice, don’t. Start now!


In 12 weeks of coaching with Marci, I transformed my marriage, I healed my relationship with myself, and I confronted and healed from trauma I experienced as a kid. My mind is blown about what is possible for me now. Marci is amazing. She is so kind, caring, and compassionate, and she helps you create a ridiculous amount of growth and transformation for yourself in a short amount of time. I have done plenty of therapy in the past and it didn’t come close to creating this amount of healing. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.


Life coaching is an entirely life-changing experience – The Model changes how I see everything in the world. The Model WORKS!!! Through life coaching, I’ve learned how my brain works, and how to use my brain and stop thoughts that no longer serve me. Doing life coaching with Marci has totally transformed me as a person, and I am showing up as the human being that I want to on a far more regular basis. Life Coaching is EMPOWERING! I try and tell everyone I know about it! Do it for yourself! You will not regret it.


Life coaching CHANGED my life. I realized how “in my head” I was, like all humans, I was creating stories in my head that weren’t true.  Through the model, we were able to dissect scenarios and create so much inner-peace. I had more aha moments than I can count in our sessions. Not only did she help me with my anxious tendencies, she taught me how to truly love myself. I always came out of our sessions feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I love Marci & highly recommend life coaching with her. Every single person would benefit from life coaching!


Life coaching changed my life in a short few months. Marci taught me how to teach my mind a new way to think. The skills that she taught have made such a big impact on some big problems I had. The way I was viewing an experience wasn’t helpful for me. As we put it in the Model I was able to see how my thoughts about it were making my life harder. Marci helped me view my past experience in a way that was more accepting and brought peace and empowered me. She is the sweetest person and has changed my life. I am so grateful to have worked with her and would recommend her to anyone.


Before I started coaching I felt lost, broken and overwhelmed, but I knew if I had the right tools and learned how to utilize them I’d be okay. Coaching has given me those tools and I’m excited and hopeful for the future. Not only has Marci given me those tools and helped me learn how to use them, but she’s also become the friend I didn’t know I needed. She’s not just a coach during our sessions once a week. She genuinely cares outside of our sessions too. Through coaching I’ve learned new ways of thinking about my circumstances, gained confidence to try new things and step outside my comfort zone, and practiced retraining my brain to the positive. I’m excited to keep learning and growing!


Don't keep yourself on the back burner any longer.